How to Wrap a Rida

For my SCAdian friends, this is a wonderful period piece that's easy to do. Perfect for newbies who want to cover their modern clothing without a lot of hassle.  For the history of this garment please visit Stepping Out

Step 1

Start with several yards, about 4 or 5. Sari's are great for this project.

Step 2

Here it is, all one long piece.


Step 3

Base is a dress (can be anything, I like the GAZA dress by FOLKWEAR) and turban wrap).


Step 4

Drape one edge over your shoulder from behind.


Step 5

Bring fabric around your back, under arm and pin at shoulder.


Step 6

Detail of pinning at shoulder.


Step 7

Take it from the front and around back via over your head.

Step 8

Like this.


Step 9

Center it.


Step 10

Ok the important part here is to pin it to the turban base, your Hijab Cap or whatever headgear you got going on under there, otherwise it's going to keep sliding off your head.

Step 11

Bring it from the side to the front and get ready to pin the last edge to the shoulder again.


Step 12

Re-pin it at the shoulder like you did the first time. Pin thru ALL layers.


Step 13

Here it is pinned.

Step 14

Here it is all ready to "conceal".


Step 15

Stick your arms down and back and grab the edges that are falling down from the top of your head.



Simply pull those edges under your chin and pin just like you do a regular hijab, or hold closed with your hands. VOILA, a wrapped rida!!


Another thing I like to do is tie the turban so that one long end is left free and draped so  that it's across my throat/breast. I  don't have to pull the rida around to the front and pin it at my throat. This way the rida just hangs and flows beautifully. It's so feminine and dreamy. I love this garment.

Here's what that looks like:

Eid Outfit
Eid Outfit

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